Power Saver Optima

power saver optima greenerbill

If your business is using refrigeration or AC units (S), then this is the right service for you.using our proprietary AI enabled temperature monitor “Insense”, Our well-trained consultant will advise of on how GreenerBill can Provide Turn Key Solutions to reduce up to 20% of electricity usage for the motor.

  • Satisfied Client 1: A stand-alone retail store with high refrigeration needs was spending $9051 per annum on its power bill. Using GreenerBill’s Power Optima service which fits smaller grocery stores to large chains of Supermarkets, hospitals, cooling warehouses, restaurants, fast-food joints, diners, or homes, we were able to save the store $2928 per annum which is 32% and $58576 over the warranty period of 20 years.
  • Satisfied Client 2: A Church in Washington, DC was spending about $15000 on its cooling needs. Using GreenerBill’s proprietary Power Optima service, the Church now stands to save $1852 each year and $37,049 over the warranty period of 20 years.